Monday, March 13, 2006

Been a while...

Yeah, it's definitely been a while since I've posted in here. Almost a year, in fact. Well I just now remembered that I had a weblog and wanted to update everyone. I'm currently working as a sports writer for a newspaper in East Liverpool, OH. The paper is called The Review. For anyone that would like to check it out, the website is You can look up the sports department on there and some of my stories should be on there. We were recently nominated for five Ohio AP awards and I was a part of one of them. We are up for Best Special Sports Section for our Friday wraparound for high school football called "Friday Night Lights." We worked hard on it and I'm glad the judges (who were from a paper in North Carolina) thought so, too. I had only been working at the paper for about three months before the deadline for 2005 work, so I wasn't really expecting much. I've found I have a knack for column writing and have been learning a lot about the newspaper business - too much, in fact. It's a good job to have for right now. It's close to home, but it pays virtually nothing. With my strong backround in media and sales, I'm looking to get into marketing and public relations in Pittsburgh. My girlfriend is originally from Ligonier, PA (about 45 min. east of the city) and just got her dream job as a financial planner for Edward Jones. So, we want to move down around Monroeville/Murrysville for the time being. I've been looking into a company located near Mount Lebanon called PRS Advertising Inc. I don't know a whole lot about what they do, but I do know they represent the Pirates, Vocelli's Pizza Shops, Hidden Valley Ski Resort, and other big time people like that. The starting salary is pretty darn good (around $40k a year) and the opportunity for advancement is great, too. They do training and all that, so I'd be able to learn everything without having to be thrown to the lions on the first day. PRS has an 8000% growth rate over the last three years, so it's a booming industry. I read in a magazine where public relations and advertising was going to be the hottest job in 2006, oddly enough followed by financial planning. I'll be sending a resume to PRS in the next few weeks and hopefully will be starting a new job sometime in April or May. I think my future is looking up. Maybe I'll report back here a little more often now that I was reminded of my blog...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Capstone - A Look Back

Well, this is my last official blog entry that I need to do for Capstone. I'll certainly keep blogging to let everyone know what I'm up to and to see what everyone else is up to. Overall, Capstone has been quite an experience for me. I remember sort of dreading it in my previous college years because once you're in Capstone it seems like you're officially getting ready for the real world. Now, I really don't know what exactly I was dreading. Graduation is upon us and I absolutely can't believe I'll be leaving here in two weeks. I still have a couple of papers and presentations to do, but, for the most part, I'm nearly finished. It's been a long, hard road, but I made it.

My senior presentation was on Monday night, and I think it went VERY well. I was prepared for it, but not too prepared to the point that it sounded rehearsed. I wasn't nervous to give it at all. I don't exactly know why, but I wasn't. My parents were in the audience along with a few of my friends, so I guess I just felt like I was talking to them. Overall, the BC Festival was a great day. We did a lot of interesting things on campus, and the presentations were all very good.

I'd like to thank the BC Capstone class and Mr. Weaver for going on this journey with me for the past four years. I wouldn't have wanted to be with anyone else for it. I've learned so much and I know I'm prepared for whatever life can throw at me. So from myself to the world: HERE I COME! This is Ian Durham...signing off...for now...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Working, Playing, and Waiting

This week has been crazy once again. Especially this week because I have a ton of projects and papers to get done, it's Greek Week, and I have been trying to finish up my senior presentation for Monday night as well as trying to get a job.
I have at least a final project/presentation and/or a 5+ page paper due in every one of my classes at some point over the next two weeks. Needless to say, I've pretty much been going insane. Also, Greek Week happens to be this week. With the amount of competitive blood that runs through mine and my other fraternity brothers' veins, it's hard not to have it become a huge part of the week. Events will start at 4pm, last until 9pm or later, then we have Sing N' Swing (a huge song and dance show that all the Greek organizations put on this Saturday) practice until 11 - 11:30 every night. Coupled in with all of THAT, I've been trying to finish up my senior presentation for Monday night and working on getting the job at WKBN.
My senior presentation is coming along ok. I'll really be using all day Sunday to put the finishing touches on it and practice it 358 times. My parents will be making the drive up to see it, so I really want it to be good.
Lastly, but definitely not leastly, I took my resume and a cover letter in to WKBN on Wednesday. I took it there to personally make sure it arrived. I haven't heard anything yet, but I will be calling on Monday or Tuesday if I still don't hear anything by then. I'm REALLY hoping for this job. There's nothing more that I want right now than that. I'm confident that my abilities and talents are good enough to perform the job well. I'm just hoping John Amann (head of Promotions) sees that as well.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Great trip to Youngstown!

I went to WKBN this afternoon, and it was a GREAT trip! As soon as I got there, I saw Mindy and Jen and talked to a couple of the producers, photographers, and talent that I knew from my internship. They were very happy to see me and wanted to know everything I was doing. Most of them asked me what I was planning on doing upon graduation. I told them that I came in to talk to Gary Coursen and a few other people about a job. They all directed me to John Amann in the Promotions Department. He's the Promotions director, and they're currently trying to fill two part-time (7 hours a day/5 days a week) positions. One is an Assistant Directors spot that requires a college degree and two years outside experience, and the other is a Promotions Producer that requires no outside experience. I've decided to go for that one. Upon talking to Mr. Amann, he told me to send him a resume and a cover letter asap. He told me, "Instead of just sending it to the department, send it to me personally." He then handed me a personal business card and said, "It was really good to meet you, Ian. I look forward to receiving your papers." YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I was on cloud 9 the second I left that place, and I'm still going nuts. I may actually have a job! They told me they hadn't had anyone apply for the spot because it's part-time. It was going to be a full time job, but they decided to make two part time jobs out of it. Nobody inside the station wanted to go from a full-time to a part-time job, so they really haven't had any applicants. It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone again and I'm really hoping everything works out for the best!!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Tough week down, work week coming...

This week has been absolutely nuts. I've had meetings all week as well as classes, presentations, papers, and things to prepare for. I have, however, managed to start on my Senior Presentation PowerPoint presentation. It's so hard to collapse four years of learning and experiences into a 15-20 min. speech/presentation. My first step has been to just brainstorm everything I can think of that I'd want in my presentation. From there, I'll be able to narrow everything down and add in some color, flair, and, of course, some humor. What else would you expect from me?

Next week, it just worked out that I don't have any classes at all on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Because I'll have this time on my hands before Greek Week starts, I'm going to use every second of it to work on the load of things I have to do before school ends. My main priority is getting my Alumni Paper completely done. I'm definitely going to have that done by around Wednesday or Thursday. I have papers and other things due in almost all of my other classes, so I'll be doing those, also. Of course, my last semester of my senior year turns out to be one of my busiest...go figure...

Friday, April 01, 2005

Back to School

Five weeks...that's how much time I have left here at Westminster. Twenty-two days of classes, four days of finals, four days of Senior Week, and Graduation on May 14th. No, I'm not psycho about getting out of here and actually have that information memorized. I have my calendar hanging a foot away from me, so I figured I'd look and see. Things really are starting to get busy around here. I'm starting to realize exactly how much stuff I have to get done for my classes and for other activities before the end of the semester. It's all sort of hitting me at once and I'm starting to have some anxiety about it all. However, I've had a LOT more work to do in some past semesters and got through just fine. As far as work to be done in the Broadcasting area, there's really not a whole lot. I still have to slightly edit the "home movie" we made for the time capsule project because of Sebastian's "slip of the toungue." Other than that, it's basically just getting ahold of Tony Ruffolo for my Alumni project next week and preparing my Senior Presentation for the 25th.
As far as the job search goes, next week I'll be running over to WKBN sometime just to say hello to everyone. I'm also going to take a resume with me and talk to Gary Coursen (head honcho) about possibly finding a job there. That has become my number one focus for getting a job, and I'm going to put my full effort into it. More next week!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Rough week

This week was Spring Break. It's supposed to be a nice, relaxing time where I didn't have to worry about stress, school work, or drama. Not so. My aunt passed away late last week, which explains why this blog is being written late Sunday night instead of Thursday night or Friday morning as it is supposed to. Things have been crazy this week trying to get details and schedules organized, rearranging plans, and just overall stress and grieving.
Through all of that, I did manage to update my resume in hopes of sending it out to places within the next few weeks. I'm going to be calling a couple of my friends and collegues at WKBN to see if there are any positions opening up there in the next few months or just to see if they need anyone extra. If that doesn't work out, then I'll be calling and visiting the other two Youngstown stations, also. Likewise, I'll be getting ahold of WTOV in Steubenville, OH and possibly a few stations in Pittsburgh. I'm really pushing hard for the Youngstown stations or WTOV because I've realized that I know those areas the best and I think I could thrive in those markets at least to start out. I grew up watching WTOV and the Youngstown stations, so I'd really love to work for them.
With everything that has happened recently, I haven't called Tony Ruffolo for my Alumni Paper Project this week as I was hoping to. Once I get back to school and have more time and a clearer mind, I'll be doing that to at least set up a phone interview so I may get my project completed.
I've only got five weeks of classes, one week of finals, and one more week of Senior Week before the glorious date of May 14th. Time to start wrapping things up and doing it to the best of my ability...